Some thoughts about the drawdown while trading with Corti.

Corti has NO Stop Loss because the Equity stays Floating when you trade Correlated Pairs or Cross Currency Triangulations .

Understanding Correlated Forex Pairs (CFP) or Cross Currency Triangulations (CCT) can allow you to hedge or diversify your exposure to the Forex market.

With Corti you can spread your risk using 4 or more strongly positive/negative CFP/CCT pairs for group in terms of diversification.

  • To understand with an example.Suppose we are trading with Corti :


– Sell 4 x EURUSD

XAUUSD and EURUSD are highly correlated and move in the same direction now and both pairs have high trading volume.

Depending on your Common Value per Point (0.02) in Corti , this group can have a maximum drawdown which can be stretched lets say till -(100,150) USD and retrace back to close in profit, but never kill your account.

Till now with my tests sometimes I have waited almost 11 days in negative floating and it closed in profit with Corti v1.25.

Here comes the risk to NOT BLOW UP your account, where you need to find the balance between :

CVP – Leverage – Balance – Margin .

To do this, you can create an idea between with any group of pairs you are intersted to trade by testing in demos.

I will share my best results and keep you updated too.

Corti is a Forex Trading MT4 EA that uses advanced algorithms and hedging strategies to HELP YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS .

Corti EA can boost your profits by implementing various strategies for Correlated Forex Pairs with its unique hedging techniques, it aims to secure profits and minimize drawdown, by enhancing your long term trading performance.

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