Corti X is Live

I have not been so much active because i was coding,testing,recode,retest and comeup with the best possible solution for Corti.

So Corti X is an expert advisor for MT4/MT5 with a different recovery logic from the previous vesions.

These volatile times were a good test to understand better the market how the recovery handles and stress test it.

Basically Corti X logic went back to the basics of the version we used to trade 2 years ago but with a small change which made the differrence.

Remember that we always want to trade correlated pairs like EURUSD vs GBPUSD , BTCUSD vs ETHUSD , EURUSD vs XAUUSD , the problem comes after the recovery when the market goes against us.

How does the Corti X recovers ?

  1. It trades BUY EURUSD vs SELL GBPUSD
  2. Trails in profit or recovers them on trigger on negative equity
  3. When a recovery is opened, it is managed individually to be trailed in profit or trigger another recovery,not anymore as a basket.
  4. If a recovery is trailed in profit, it will wait a delay time input of 900min so it trades on a different market condition it opened or closed.
  5. Choose the number of recoveries to use depending on your balance and lot.

Pay attention to point nr.3….that is very important.











Download to test it  : https://cortiea.com/download-corti-ea/

If you have any question, write in one of the forums below :
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– SoeHoe Forum Support : https://soehoe.id/corti-ea-for-correlated-pairs-or-cross-currency-triangulations.t22733/page-38

Corti is a Forex Trading MT4 EA that uses advanced algorithms and hedging strategies to HELP YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS .

Corti EA can boost your profits by implementing various strategies for Correlated Forex Pairs with its unique hedging techniques, it aims to secure profits and minimize drawdown, by enhancing your long term trading performance.

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