Corti EA – Ai Forex Trading MT4 EA for Optimal Profits

Download now for free Corti iSSH v3.2 for MT4

iSSH v3.2 is an for which is specifically designed to trade or
scalp Negative which move in one direction only as BUY or SELL .

Main Features :

  • The index indicator averages the change of each pair and then collides them together to
    create the index . Imagine this like S&P500 index of .
  • The group is traded when the candle is closed and the index has crossed above/below
    level 0 .
  • Before entry, under the hood data is forced to redownload/recalculate to eleminate
    indicator repaint.
  • It is optimized to scalp NEGATIVE CORRELATED PAIRS, so the DD is kept in control if
    the price goes against the orders direction.
  • Smart Hedge System to get the most out of the , as a request from members.
  • News Filter Configuration.

IMPORTANT NOTE about the Smart Hedge System !!!

Because we know that Correlated Negative groups are balanced and will retrace, we have the chance with hedge to trail as much profit as we can and there will be cases where you will close one side +100 and the hedged one +10…..with trail.
This is the fastest way to close in profit with hedges activated , better than without it to wait only 1 side to come from -100 to +5 for a long time.

Corti iSSH v3.2 No Hedge

Corti iSSH v3.2 Hedge

Demo accounts are traded with agressive risk to see if they fail .

Live Accounts are traded with moderate .