Frequently Asked Questions about Corti EA

Does Corti need manual intervention?

No, it totally automatic and adapts to the market changes with its autoscanner.

Can i test Corti EA?

Yes, go to the download menu and request a demo version to test .

What about set files for Corti?

Each premium members receives the set files based on their balance with clear instructions.

What about Corti Updates?

All lifetime licenses receive updates for free.

Minimum to start trading?

Balance of 300 and leverage 1:500 .

How does Corti opens trades?

It hedges Correlation or Forex Triangular Arbitrage pairs so the profit is secured no matter where the market goes.

How can i stop Corti from trading after it closes in profit?

Change the Begin time : 10.00 and

End Time : 10.00 same value.

Where can i learn more about Corti?

Check this useful knowledge here .