Corti is optimized to work with IC Markets.

For Corti to work optimal , follow these guide :

  • After you change the parameters in Corti, add it in the chart 
  • Don`t change TimeFrame while is trading
  • Dont Change Inputs while is trading virtual / live / demo
  • Otherwise, to work again optimal, change the Magic Number or Delete the folder in MQL4/Files/Corti .

Why my lots are different from your orders ?

  • Different brokers have different pair specifications. Use GlobalPrime,com

What CVP should i use for XAUUSD ?

  • For XAUUSD vs EURUSD min balance 200 with CVP = 0.01 .

What about CVP for other pairs?

  • For other FX Pairs min Balance 200 with min CVP = 0.02

What if i want to trade both groups in 1 account ?

  • Use at least 400 USD Balance with leverage 1:100.

What are your account recommendation ?

  • I suggest for small accounts 0.01 – 0.02 CVP with Leverage <= 1:100

It shows some error about missing data for pair?

  • Market Watch – Show All symbols

Can i trade only 1 or 2 groups with  Virtual Group Equity [VGE] ?

  • Yes

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