Follow all my Demo/Live Accounts progress with Corti.

Corti is optimized to work with IC Markets.

I finally finished making public some of my Demo/Live Accounts progress with Corti.

Some are private because are under process from myfxbook.

I am going to explain how I configure demo accounts to gather as much data as possible.

1st I create all possible demos with different settings / situations activating them in different times of market. During the time, demos which “don`t have legs” are deleted and I begin to replicate those which I see have possible potential.  So i might have 2 / 3 same demo configurations running.

This is how i filter a potential set file for the EA, the same thing i did with Corti v1.25 set files.

All the potential set files are available for members instantly ,while for the other traders they become available for free after i finish all my tests , generally by the end of the month. Be patient.

Follow the Demo/Live Accounts progress with Corti here in myfxbook account :

Also follow the telegram channel to get the latest updates :

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