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Generate trading groups with “Thrawn Battle Dashboard”.

"Thrawn Battle Dashboard"

There are 2 reasons I created the dashboard that generates trading groups :

  1. Before, I made this complex 5 step process manually in Google Sheet .
  2. The 9 pairs groups i have traded before in my live account, showed more balanced DD and more cycle closed in profit in short time.

“Thrawn Battle Dashboard” does a complex calculation of 5 steps between Correlated Pairs based on Pearson Correlation Coefficient  and Forex Triangulares to give you the best possible correlated group to trade with Corti 1.3/2.22 and Corti v3.2.

There is only 1 setting you need to know :

  1. Negative Correlation Limit Increase for more secure groups and decrease for if there are no groups generated.

After you add this Expert Advisor in the chart, a html document which opens in your default browser is created with a group of 9 pairs generated by a Complex Calculation of 5 steps between Correlated Pairs and Forex Triangulares to give you the best possible correlated group to trade with Corti 1.3 / 2.22 / 3.2 .

Important Notes :

1. When there are no groups generated with -95 correlation limit, try to lower to -90 / -85 .
2. If there are no groups generated with -85 too , than you can use most correlated like :

– With Corti v1.3 / v2.22 :
Sell : leave it blank

– Corti v3.2:
Pairs to be indexed : AUDCHF – EURAUD
The Index indicator will decide if is a BUY or SELL .

This Expert Advisor is available ONLY for Elite plan.

So whats up with the strange name ?

– I got inspired from “Grand Admiral Thrawn” , possibly the most fearsome, effective, and beloved villain in the Star Wars universe.

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