New EA : Chimaera GS is available to download for free

Chimaera GS is a new EA bases on Chimaera.

It places an exponential grid while it trades the initial triangular orders. Those who are familiar with grids , know very well that this is a risky EA that might blow the account.

Till now none of my Demos in myfxbook https://www.myfxbook.com/members/mastercool66  have not been blown ,so keep an eye there and download it for free to test for yourself.

Before you might have been trading grids with single pair, now Chimaera GS is a triangular strategy grid that might have completely different results from what you have been using before.

My suggestion is to demo test it in a 500+ Balance with lev 1:500 with default settings.

Download it here : https://cortiea.com/chimaera/

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