New EA – CorrelaSync v1.3

I was experimenting to create an EA which would create volume of orders
and close at least in breakeven or small losses and here i am with CorrelaSync 1.3
which did its job but went further to make small profits of 5-10 % weekly.

It is fully automated,has no inputs.
Only Small balance accounts 400 – 600 for the moment.

CorrelaSync v1.3

– Leave FX Majors in Market Watch for TOP Results.
– AutoScanner will select 2 +- Correlated Pairs.
– 2 Pairs will Trade with auto SL ATR based.
– After the closure it awaits the next H4 Candle to scan.
– Broker Trading Time 03:01 – 16:01. 

If you want to test it, download below.

Follow its updates in this discord channel.

Corti is a Forex Trading MT4 EA that uses advanced algorithms and hedging strategies to HELP YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS .

Corti EA can boost your profits by implementing various strategies for Correlated Forex Pairs with its unique hedging techniques, it aims to secure profits and minimize drawdown, by enhancing your long term trading performance.

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