Some stats for Corti X7 – The most Advanced Forex Trading MT4 EA for Optimal Profits

From all tests in demo/live accounts so far, here are some key points which might help everyone using it :

  • – Biggest recovery lot is 0.04 so far
  • – Biggest DD < 10% with all GBP pairs and full market watch
  • – Lowest DD if market watch has NO GBPXYZ pairs and opens new cycles during different days with multiple instances running
  • – Highest DD if market watch has all GBPXYZ pairs and running all day
  • – Lowest Balance trading Corti X7 is 200 USD : https://www.myfxbook.com/members/mastercool66
  • – The set below has the lowest DD combined with the conditions above

Corti is a Forex Trading MT4 EA that uses advanced algorithms and hedging strategies to HELP YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS .

Corti EA can boost your profits by implementing various strategies for Correlated Forex Pairs with its unique hedging techniques, it aims to secure profits and minimize drawdown, by enhancing your long term trading performance.

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