SpiderWeb of profits with Corti v3.3

Now that Corti v3.3 is completely automatic, the best way to profit with it depends from your leverage and balance.

If you have a balance at min 500 and leverage 1:500 or 1000 balance with 1:100 , you can easily create a SpiderWen of several market conditions which will close in profit no matter what the market is doing.

In order to do this, im going to explain how i will begin the 2021 with trading my account where i was using GNC + ChimaeraGS which are grids. 

In MyFxBook the account name was “Let me blow this account” , now i will add as much Corti v3.3 in it as the margin can handle. I will begin with 10xCorti v3.3 .

While i will add 10 instances of EA,  i will modify these settings to diversify different market conditions : 

  1. Trading time. I will begin from 04.00 – 19.00 .This means 15 hr of trading which i will split in 3 EAs with 5hr of active trading time each, to look for the strongest highly correlated pairs and signal within those 5 hours each.
  2. News On/Off some of them.
  3. Entry Signal D1/M15 and H4/M15.
  4. Close on profit with fixed lot 0.02 and different Take Profit in equity like 4/5/6 .
  5. Negative Correlation Limit to scan between -90 / -95 .

With these 5 settings, you can create a spiderweb of profits,meaning some EA are in DD, some will close on profits, some will recover from the DD to profits, the others will go in DD and so on. 

This is the fastest way to profit from the different market conditions.

With a fixed lot of 0.02 , the MAX DD recorded till now for 1 instance is -30 USD which recovered to profit. Most ot them were -10 USD though.

I will setup the account above after 11 January 2021.

The results below are when i begun using 10x Corti v3.3 .

Corti is a Forex Trading MT4 EA that uses advanced algorithms and hedging strategies to HELP YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS .

Corti EA can boost your profits by implementing various strategies for Correlated Forex Pairs with its unique hedging techniques, it aims to secure profits and minimize drawdown, by enhancing your long term trading performance.

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