The Demo Results Correlation between Corti v1.25 and v2.0

By analyzing the demo account results till now, I see a “Correlation between Corti v1.25 and v2.0” .

With Corti v1.25 the 1st group to go 100%+ in less than a month was XAUUSD vs 4 EURUSD with agressive settings like cooling time 1min (Info) .


With Corti v2.0 I which has different entry logic I see the same results so far with XAUUSD vs 4 GBPUSD.

The results looks the same till now because EURUSD is correlated with GBPUSD over 90% but GBP is more volatile than EURUSD which is good for us because the VGE will activate more real trades and close in profit faster and have lower DD, but time will tell.

I will update the post during this month again.

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